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Mutual funds vs. other investments

From an investors' viewpoint mutual funds have several advantages such as:
  • Professional management and research to select quality securities
  • Spreading risk over a larger quantity of stock whereas the investor has limited to buy only a hand full of stocks. The investor is not putting all his eggs in one basket
  • Ability to add funds at set amounts and smaller quantities such as $100 per month
  • Ability to take advantage of the stock market which has generally out performed other investment in the long run
  • Fund manager are able to buy securities in large quantities thus reducing brokerage fees
However there are some disadvantages with mutual funds such as:
  • The investor must rely on the integrity of the professional fund manager
  • Fund management fees may be unreasonable for the services rendered
  • The fund manager may not pass transaction savings to the investor
  • The fund manager is not liable for poor judgment when the investor's fund loses value
  • There may be too many transactions in the fund resulting in higher fee/cost to the investor - This is sometimes call "Churn and Earn"
  • Prospectus and Annual report are hard to understand
  • Investor may feel a lost of control of his investment dollars
  • There may be restrictions on when and how an investor sells/redeems his mutual fund shares